About Us


The future we wish to create. The united goals everyone at V3 work towards

Rising Together

At V3 we are, above all, about people. We aspire to reach greater heights together with our stakeholders: our clients, our employees, the communities we touch. Construction is our business, but our deep commitment to our people is what makes us rise above.


What we must do to achieve our aspirations

We build excellence together 

And we accomplish this through our three core pillars:

    • Enduring Relationships
      We build relationships for the long-term, standing on the foundation of trust earned by decades of hard work excellent track record and reliability. We communicate and collaborate closely with our clients, fostering a good working relationship that goes beyond every project.
    • Deep Knowledge & Expertise 
      Since 1984 we have built hotels, condominiums, schools and government projects, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. We provide one-stop solutions for all developers’ needs, leveraging on our combines strengths to deliver excellence from start to finish
    • Passion for Quality
      Beyond adhering to regulations in the industry, we are driven by our own passion for quality. We source the best materials for every given budget, dedicate a full-scale project management team and collaborate with partners who share same pursuit for quality. Together we achieve simplicity, economy and aesthetics through exceptional construction solutions.



The core values and belief system that V3 holds steadfastly as guiding principles in all our behaviour, interactions and communications with internal and external stakeholders

We build strong bonds with our people. We respect and nurture each other’s strengths. Always working closely together to reach the summit of success with no one left behind.

Every thing that we have built is a testament of the decades of trust given to us. We keep our word, fulfill every promise and conduct business with transparency and honesty.

Our commitment to our stakeholders inspires us to persevere and work hard. We take pride in building from the ground up the aspirations of our people.


Key character and personality traits of the V3 brand that are driven by our brand belief and values. Collectively, these traits set the brand apart from competition and guide our behaviour. Our Brand DNA personifies and reflects the V3’s identity, setting the overall tonality of voice in all our communications and contact points. 

We are confident of our capabilities, Leveraging our decades of industry knowledge and expertise. Our Clients have peace of mind, assured that they are in safe hands.

We build with people for people. This is why in every thing that we do, we keep a personal touch. Building may be our business, but it is our bonds with people that make us a cut above the rest.

We work simply and efficiently, letting our track record speak for itself. We strive for excellence not for ourselves, but for our people to achieve greater heights.